Under the initiative of Sightsavers and with the financial support from a corporate group INNOVEN Capital of Mumbai, MNBEI launched a Vocational Training Centre for Blind & Low Vision groups in its ashram campus at Majhihira on 21st December, 2015 to strengthen the economic livelihood of the said deprived group through various vocations. The effort is very innovative and the first of its kind in Purulia. The Addl. District Magistrate of Purulia (Dev.) along with senior officials from Sightsavers and Innoven Capital were present in the opening ceremony The programme was attended by the members of the Governing Body of MNBEI, Press persons and about 150 Visually Impaired and other disable persons. All the staffs of MNBEI from its different units were also present.
A common lunch was organised after the event.
Our thanks to Sightsavers for this neo-venture.

Vocational Training Centre for Blind & Low Visions

Photos for Inauguration Ceremony

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