Commencing his long journey in 1940 with a small school for the have-nots, in a thatched-hutment on a grassless stretch outside the village of Majhihira, “Chitta Pandit” had started his journey to eternity on 7th February, 2016 at 12:32 a.m.

The youngest child of Rishi Nibaran Chandra Dasgupta, the father of freedom movement in Manbhum, Chitta Bhusan had imbibed Basic Eductaion or Nai Talim of Mahatma Gandhi as his own mission of life ad brought into being a beautiful Ashram Bidyalaya, full of natural flora and fauna, in Majhihira for imparting it.

Countless people who have received “education” from this glorious institution are important social personalities today.

A solemn meeting commemorating him is being arranged in the village of Majhihira on 18th February, 2016 starting at 10 a.m.

Dignitaries and intellectuals of all ages and from all wlaks of life from all over India are converging in Majhihira to relive his fond memories and pay homage to him. At the end, as he always desired, a humble lunch before saying good bye.

We solicit your gracious presence and participation in the occassion.

Humbly yours

Dasgupta and Majhihira Ashram Family


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  1. I respect this innovation more…because I’m a teacher what actually our educational system needs.. We are blindly following the past but a single individual betr to adjust any situation that they get patience to this type of education.I’m not a word to limit it but it helps him to face the new challengeso of life & refreshing his mind with calm always that is our great leader Mahatma Gandhi teach us non_violence .it’s already get through Buddhism. We have afraid of everything new happends…but admits it’s positive aspects with keep our Indian spirituality & culture firmly ..It will be a success. One suggestion in my mind that to bring back strongly the Basic education or wardha scheme of education in our educational institutions.. not only in purulia district but also in each district of state then our centre that never needs a specialisation of white collar jobs, but helps to live peacefully… We get a noble, pure India & good,talented, value inculcated youngest generation.. I respect & salute my NATION …jai hind”

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