Commemeration 1
Commencing his long journey in 1940 with a small school for the have-nots, in a thatched-hutment on a grassless stretch outside the village of Majhihira, “Chitta Pandit” had started his journey to eternity on 7th February, 2016 at 12:32 a.m. The youngest child of Rishi Nibaran Chandra Dasgupta, the father […]

Commemorating “Chitta Pandit”on 18th Feb

Vocational Training Centre for Blind & Low Visions
Under the initiative of Sightsavers and with the financial support from a corporate group INNOVEN Capital of Mumbai, MNBEI launched a Vocational Training Centre for Blind & Low Vision groups in its ashram campus at Majhihira on 21st December, 2015 to strengthen the economic livelihood of the said deprived group […]

Vocational Training Centre for Blind

“Sensitization of PWDs (Persons With Disabilities) on their rights and entitlements” – A one day workshop was organised by MNBEI(Majhihira Ashram) in its D.El.Ed. hall on 18th October under auspices of an international organisation for Blinds, SIGHTSAVERS. About 65 Blind and other disable people actively participated in the said meet […]

Rights and Entitlements of The Disabled