Ashram thanks all the distinguished guests, participants and  sponsors  for making the National Seminar on Nai Talim – Challenges and Task Ahead  on  12th & 13th February, 2011,  sponsored by Planning Commission, Government of India, a grand success.

National Seminar on Nai Talim

Gandhians Speaks in Aliaan (An NCRI Newsletter) There is no dearth of people who can write volumes on Gandhiji. There are people who follow his teachings by the letter. But here is someone who actually implemented and practiced the spirit of Gandhian thoughts. There are several institutions working on Gandhian […]

Gandhians Speaks – Aliaan (An NCRI Newsletter)

During the award ceremony Amity Award for loyal and Dedicated teacher was awarded to Malati Dhanaji Chaudhuri Daggupta, Majhihira Ashram Vidyalaya. Malati Dasgupta was born in 1925 at Nasik in Maharastra. Her father, Dhanaji Nana Choudhury, was a great social reformer and freedom fighter in Maharastra and was a close […]

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