Ashram Initiatives

A range of activities are being organised by us at present focusing mainly the educational upliftment of the area. Although most of these programmes are organised on self help but few of these are assisted by the local government. The programmes which are being implemented by our Institute are as under —

Ashram Vidyalaya for Elementary Education 

The secondary level school runs in the main campus of the organisation was established to promote & spread the concept of Basic Education (Nai-Talim). Runs under ‘Ashramshala’ pattern, the school, apart from its academic activity, provides the opportunity to learn the essence of self reliance and self help through many work-base activities. This co-education school mainly residential in nature has become a second home to the children under the age group of 4-16 belonging from local backward & tribal community. The value based education here has been perfectly matched with the work based education. The school with about 300 pupils in the strength, is perhaps one of the rarest ‘Nai-Talim’ model schools still exist in the country. Many eminent educationist as well as scholars have in the recent years visited and stayed here to witness the ongoing experimentations that the school is doing on Basic Education. Most significant in the recent past was the remark passed by the Education Minister of this state in his visit to the school when he said, ‘we have to learn from this school on how to organise this splendid and innovative work with the limited resource and capacity.


Primary Teachers Training Institute

This training Institute, which was established only four years back with an objective to train the teachers on primary school teaching. With a capacity of 150 seats, this training course is basically a job oriented programme, thus giving an additional opportunity to the local youths to serve the society as well as getting a job. This training institute, duly recognised by the West Bengal Government has to follow the curriculum of the West Bengal government and the rules framed by the National Council of Teacher Education (New Delhi). But most significant feature in the whole course of training was that we have been able to incorporate our ideology and principle of Basic education in day to day life of the trainees as well as in their curriculum. It has been observed that the trainees of this Institute who are joining in the Primary Schools after completion of training are performing much better than the teachers got trained from other institutes and their commitment and devotion towards the pupils have been well praised by the society.

2003 – Primary Teachers’ Training Institute Opening Ceremony